About Us

About Us

When life gives you lemons you need to make lemonade.  The Covid-19 has been a really difficult situation.  Being confined doesn’t match my personality at all.  So I decided I would raft something, my lifelong hobby, and business. 

Jewelry seemed a good choice as I figured it wouldn’t take too much space in our small home. 

Well, I have now taken over the dining room, half of the kitchen, the butler’s pantry, and part of the garage!!!   

Each piece made me happy.  So, I just kept creating and loving it.  I offer you pieces that I hope you will enjoy and smile every time you wear it. My style is mostly whimsical, but many of my designs are fun, and many are appropriate for a conservative woman. 

I enjoy making the mask holders and badge holders as I know they will be used every day. Check out the dangles,,, they are new and very festive and eye-catching.  Fly by and have a look!! 

Handmade jewelry has been a sought after “staple” for decades. It is my theory that an artisan’s personal connection and love of their craft transform ordinary objects into jewelry masterpieces. I want you to experience the overwhelming joy you will get by having this piece of art in your hands, exploring it with your mind, soul, and spirit…